In June 2008 I bought some Buff Orpington eggs from Bob Coulter in Minnesota. Bob wrote: "I have had this line since
1972, getting them from my former partner and friend, Rolla Henry of Mercer, MO.  Rolla got his direct from Dr. Lewis
Clevenger, Princeton, MO when Doc could no longer care for them.  This line goes back more than 60 years."

I hatched the chicks and donated them to my friend's high school biology class.

In 2009 Bob decided it was too hard to raise chickens in the cold Minnesota winters. I contacted my friend and told her we
needed to keep this line alive. I got a dozen eggs from her and hatched 7 pullets and 2 cockerels. You can see some of them
below. I feel fortunate to now have a small flock of these beautiful birds. They are some of the biggest, fluffiest Buff
Orps ever bred.  Orpingtons are big, calm, friendly birds. They are good winter layers of large light brown eggs. They
often go broody and are excellent moms. Extra cockerels are said to be excellent meat birds.

Four month old pullets
Fluffy hens
Two month old chick
Seven month old cockerels
Seven month old pullets
(with Marans)
<- Eight month old cockerel and pullets